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Serulian Installation


On OS X, Serulian can be installed using a Homebrew tap formula:

brew tap serulian/serulian && brew install serulian


Serulian can be run via Docker by pulling the following image:

docker pull

The toolkit can then be used by mounting the source directory into the container when it is run:

docker run -ti -v path/to/source/directory:/src/ build /src/somefile.seru

The compiled result will be placed into the same mounted directory.

Go source

To install Serulian from source, use via the go get command:

go get -t

Once complete, the serulian binary will be accessible under $GOPATH/bin:

serulian build myentrypoint.seru

Visual Studio Code Extension

Serulian publishes an extension for Visual Studio Code, which allows for full IDE tooling, including syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and more.